Advertise with Hawaii411!  (Target the Local Hawaii Market)

Hawaii411 caters to Hawaii People, Places, and Businesses.  Whatever your target market, you can be sure to get the people of Hawaii looking at your advertisement.... at very little investment.

First of all, choose where you would like your ad to be placed.  Here are some options:

- Front page Banner ad
- Front page Side Bar
- Front page Featured Hawaii Website

- Trivia and Contests
- Hot Posts
- Community Photos
- Polls

- Sponsor any one of our Forums
- Search Engine Page

- News and Reviews Page

- News Ticker

Select the area where you think your customers will be.  Your very affordable 'targeted' advertisement reaches thousands of Hawaii viewers per week.

For more information regarding advertising with us, and for advertising rates, please call 497-5639 or email

Good Luck!