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Game night at Stan Sheriff.  A sold out crowd of 8238 was treated to a 83-73 Rainbows victory over their WAC Arch Rival Fresno State.

The Rainbows took this one 83-73.  Our team at times looked brilliant, and at other times dazed and unsure of themselves.  If not for the outstanding offensive games of guards Carl English and Predrag Savovic combining for 45 points, the Rainbows may not have pulled this one off.  Free throw shooting was woeful, and the Fresno State Bulldogs randomly sliced through the Hawaii Defense like a razor sharp set of ginsu knives (remember those commercials?).  Still, the Bulldogs were unable to get their offense going, shooting only 39 percent from the field.  This Fresno team was missing its key player Melvin Ely, last season's WAC Player of the Year.  After this game, he'll be all pau with a 6 game suspension for receiving improper benefits.  

Fresno allowed Hawaii to rack up an eleven point lead a couple of minutes into the second half.  They rallied back and cut the deficit to three points, but lost momentum when both Savo and English made back-to-back beautiful three point shots.  After that series, Fresno never came back.  A couple of Fresno players got deep in foul trouble, which hindered their defensive efforts. 

It's the second time in as many meetings that Savo has racked up a twenty plus game against Tarkanian's team.  He put up 23 in tonight's game.  He's the hardest working man on and off the court, and it shows.  We're giving him the nickname Salvo-Vic because of the multiple weapons he brings to the court.  Salvo-vic gets our 411 "da man" award this week for his consistency and his 'garans-balbarans' free throws, his 'white on rice' defense, his 'borderline Kahi Mohala' work ethic and his 'coconut trey' action.  I am very glad he is back, as are the rest of the Bows.

I have to give props to the Fresno State Bulldogs and their sportsmanship.  The Fresno players classily congratulated our Rainbows as the game ended.  A 411 Shaka goes to Jerry Tarkanian's team, a great organization and a formidable opponent.  Here's looking forward to some exciting games this season!