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OOOHHHHH YEEAAAHHHH!!!  Everybody get ready for the AFC!

Tonight's Amateur Fighting Contest at the Blaisdell is sure to be exciting.  16 local men will be competing for titles in 2 weight divisions (200 and Under, 201 and Over). 

Ray Cooper and his company Linebred, LLC bring the action to you, live.  Weigh in's were last night at 24 Hour Fitness, Pearl City.  Here is a preview of the action Blaisdell will see tonight!

NAME: Dante Brown
AGE: 36
HT: 5'9"
WT: 220
BACKGROUND: Dante has a boxing background with some amateur bout experience under his belt.  He competes strictly for the challenge of the sport.
NAME: Daniel Ray Lopez
AGE: 18
HT: 5'7"
WT: 180
BACKGROUND: Daniel is home trained, with a street fighting background.  "My pops was a Golden Gloves champ in Cali, and I just wanted to test my skills and try it."
NAME: Clyde Paling
AGE: 33
HT: 5'6"
WT: 185
BACKGROUND: Clyde is home trained.  "I was just training with my brother-in-law (Jamison Ah Quin) and decided to come out."
NAME: Shaft Ridiros
AGE: 30
HT: 5'9"
WT: 185
BACKGROUND: Shaft trains with the Ultimate Rough Houzers and J.R. Palmer.  He has a boxing background.
NAME: Bam Bam Ka'aiakamanu
AGE: 21
HT: 5'7"
WT: 155
BACKGROUND: From Ewa Beach, Bam Bam has a boxing background.  He also plays in a music group, and wants to give a shout out to the "Souljahz of Da Lord".  He's greatful for the opportunity that Bradda Ray has presented to him.  "I want to see if I can fight for a living."
NAME: John Kukahiko
AGE: 30
HT: 5'5"
WT: 160
BACKGROUND: Hailing from Waimanalo, Boxing and Jiu Jitsu are John's specialties.  He trains with Kodenkan Jiujitsu and works with the stand up fighters.  He wants to show the rest of the students that boxing, rather than grappling, is the best way to fight.
NAME: Donald Calamuda
AGE: 21
HT: 5'3"
WT: 140
BACKGROUND: Donald comes from Waianae, and comes from the Hard Knocks Gym.  He loves fighting.  "I'm doing it or the challenge and would like to move up to the next level if I do well."
NAME: Bo Thompson
AGE: 30
HT: 5'8"
WT: 195
BACKGROUND:  Bo lives in Kapolei and trains in Waipahu with Jesus is Lord Gym.  Not part of the Jesus is Lord team, Bo wants to see if he has a future in fighting. "Praise God, Glory to God."
NAME: Richard Garcia
AGE: 37
HT: 5'9"
WT: 270
BACKGROUND: Coming out of Kailua, Richard works with MRC fighting.  This will be his last fighting competition, and he would like to thank everyone for their support and patience.
NAME: Jack Tapeni
AGE: 24
HT: 6'1"
WT: 300
BACKGROUND: Jack is the heaviest competitor out there tonight, and entered AFC to "test his skills".
NAME: Ben Cordero
AGE: 42
HT: 5'11"
WT: 200
BACKGROUND: Ben hails from Kalihi and comes from a background 30 years experience of Muay Thai kickboxing.  He trains with the Ultimate Roughhouzers and says "At my age,  I gotta start here cause everything is legal in the ring".
NAME: Fui Vai "Vai" Tapeni
AGE: 17
HT: 6'0"
WT: 290
BACKGROUND: Vai is a Waianae boy who has a background in freestyle.  He trains with the Hard Knocks Gym and says "May the best man win."
NAME: Jamison Ah Quin
AGE: 30
HT: 6'1"
WT: 265
BACKGROUND: Jamison home trains in Hilo, and has experience in boxing.  Why is he competing?  "Just Because."
NAME: Eddie Ohia
AGE: 19
HT: 5'6"
WT: 170
BACKGROUND: Eddie Ohia from Waimanalo is a home trained street fighter.  He's competing in the AFC to give him more "experience" in the ring and to test his skills.  If he does well, he'd like to go on to the next level.

There were 2 heavyweight fighters that were not at the weigh ins.  Many of the fighters were very gracious and thankful for Linebred, LLC's efforts to give them a chance to enter competition in a fair and safe way.  There were alternate fighters also standing by at the weigh in, in case they were needed to step in for one of the competitors.

Hawaii411 applauds Linebred, LLC and Ray Cooper for putting together this competition.  Their efforts provide everyday people the chance to live their dreams and test their skills in an exciting and classy venue.  We'll be there tonight, and stand by for a full report complete with pictures.

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