Hawaii411 Movie Review:
Behind Enemy Lines
The Story: Owen Wilson strays from his usual quirky characters (Armageddon, Meet the Parents, Shanghai Noon, Zoolander, the Haunting, and the Cable guy to name just a few of his movies) and believably pulls off the lead role as Lt. Chris Burnett.  Burnett is a fighter pilot at heart, itching to do more than just recon/surveillance missions.

One of these missions turns deadly as Burnett and his partner get shot down over Eastern Europe... seems that Bosnians don't like planes taking pictures of their mass gravesites... Enter Gene Hackman as Admiral Reigart - Burnetts only chance to make it back alive.  So begins a MTV-Soundtracked highly stylized survival action chase portion of the movie.

The Rundown: This is one of those films that people can judge either way.... Sure the story was formula action and the predictability factor was very high, but I liked this film.  Action all the way, fancy graphics and special effects... I liken this movie to watching a rock concert... You know all the songs and there are no surprises, yet its loud bone rattling beats and flashy lights get you excited and into it.  Same with Behind Enemy Lines.  Don't expect an in depth thriller/mystery movie with plot twists and turns.. Do what I did: 1) buy a huge bag of popcorn at Ward Theater (then get your refill immediately by dumping the popcorn into a drink box - don't make like you don't all do this!), a hot dog, and a BIG drink, put away your brain for 2 hours, and just ride a roller coaster of a movie.  You'll have a great time.  At times the action had me on the edge of my stadium seat!

Things that distracted me while watching this movie... Owen Wilson's hideously broken up nose.... and the "bad guy" Admiral's really bad accent complete with lisp... Watch for it..  Also, why do bad guys always end up wearing Adidas jogging suits?

Useless Trivia: By the way, did you know that Owen Wilson is a producer and accomplished writer as well?  He helped produce As Good as it Gets (Helen Hunt, Jack Nicholson) and he wrote and produced Rushmore (Bill Murray). Did you know Gene Hackman really was a marine? Not a very good one obviously, as he was 'busted down' from corporal status three times during his service (He actually served here in Hawaii for a little while! Hawaii ties - Yah!). Oh well, now he plays submarine commanders, Generals, Admirals and makes more money than any of them.... who has the last laugh now?

411 Conclusion:
We give this one 3.5 out of 5 hibiscus.  Great popcorn flick.  Mindless action.  Awesome effects.

Rating: PG13 Don't take the young ones because this film is rated PG-13 for violence and adult language.  The soundtrack was extremely loud at the Ward Complex.  There is no nudity or sexual content.

Where to see it: Dole Cannery 18, Kahala 8, Kapolei 16, Ko'olau Stadium 10, Mililani Town Center Stadium 14, Pearl Highlands 12, Pearlridge West 16, Restaurant Row 9, Ward Stadium 16, Windward Stadium 10


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