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Brianna Tsukamoto: Athletic and Academic Excellence in one powerful package

Brianna Tsukamoto is a standout athlete in volleyball, basketball, and softball.  She has been appointed team captain for the varsity teams in each of the three sports, and has won multiple ILH all-star Honorable Mention awards in all three as well.  Quite an impressive athletic resume!

Brianna is a standout student at University Lab High School.  With a 3.96 GPA, she ranks in the top 1% of her senior class, and was voted scholar athlete for three years.  Her academic awards list goes on longer than we have room for in the article.  Let's just say she's got an academic honor for each of the core subjects: Computers, Math, French, Science, and even Modern Hawaiian History.

Brianna is a standout community citizen.  She's active in student government,  volunteered to help out the needy including senior citizens, disabled children, and preschoolers.  She has also helped clean up our beaches.  She also has a part time job.

How does she find the time to participate and excel in so many different areas?  The only possible explanation is that there are actually three Brianna's, each with their own specialty (wasn't cloning banned?).  All kidding aside, this girl certainly maximizes her time. 

Would it be considered an understatement to suggest that Brianna is a well rounded individual?  I think so!  As Dick Vitale would say, "This girl is a AAA baby!  Akamai, Athletic, and just plain Amazing!"  Since this is a Hawaii411 Prospects Interview, we'll concentrate on her athletic side.

"She can play any infield position and make an impact.  She has a solid glove and is consistent at the plate", her coach says.  Her Hawaii Sports Network Scouting report indicates that Brianna's greatest assets are her speed, quickness, mobility and range.  Her coaches are impressed not only with her great physical strength, but with her versatility as well.  Brianna has the ability to play ANY position needed to further the team.  She's great with the glove and just as handy with the bat.  In short, she can do it all.

We caught up with this very motivated young lady and asked her some questions:

Hawaii411: How long have you been playing softball?
Brianna: I started playing softball when I was around ten years old for the Hawaii Kai softball league.

Hawaii411: Has softball always been your favorite sport?
Brianna: No. I love soccer and it was really hard when I had to choose between the two sports because of conflicting seasons. I also play varsity volleyball and basketball.

Hawaii411: Please talk about some of your career highlights!
Brianna: I was named University High School Athlete of the Year which was a real honor, especially since it was in my freshman year. I was on the all-tournament team for the UHS annual tournament. I have received honorable mention in the ILH for volleyball, basketball and softball. Our Na Wahine Softball team won the 2001 Hawaii ASA invitational tournament this summer and our UHS varsity softball team just won our annual tournament in November, which was pretty exciting.

Hawaii411: Can you let us in on some of the colleges you are interested in?
Brianna: I am still undecided and am keeping my options open.

Hawaii411: What colleges have contacted you, and what do you plan to major in in college?
Brianna: Colgate, Wells, Redlands University, College of Notre Dame, St. Andrews, Ohio State University have all contacted me so far.  As for a major, I'm still undecided, but am strongly considering communications.

Hawaii411: How far do you plan to go with softball?
Brianna: I would like to play in college if the opportunity arises and I wouldn't mind coaching down the road.

Hawaii411: You have a great academic record, what is your favorite subject in school?

Brianna: English.

Brianna's Batting Average is .340 and her onbase percentage is .486

Hawaii411: Do you have a Favorite teacher?

Brianna: My favorite teacher would have to be Ms. Murchinson, my ceramics teacher.

Hawaii411: University High is a small school, with a great athletic program, how do you think going to a school like UHS helped you?

Brianna: Going to University High has helped me in many ways. Because it is small, we are all really close. I spend time with all my teammates even off season. Also, I have been able to play several sports and there are more opportunities.

Brianna, Her Favorite Teacher, and her buddy Kelly

Hawaii411: Who are your inspirations/heroes?
Brianna: My fellow teammates who support and encourage me.

Hawaii411: Is there anyone you wish to thank?
Brianna: I'd like to thank my parents for always being there and sacrificing their time to be at my games to cheer me on.

Hawaii411 Conclusion: This article started out as one about a superior softball player.  As Hawaii411 took a closer look at Brianna's overall achievements, it became very clear to us that her softball prowess was just one facet of this rare gem.  Sure, she'll be snatched up by a Division One college to go play some softball, but that's not what impressed us.  Brianna Tsukamoto can do it all.  Whether she's on the field, on the court, in the classroom, or at a community function, Brianna is a standout.  When I asked Brianna's mother just what she did to instill this work ethic into her daughter, she said that Brianna was always this way... extremely motivated.  This winning attitude will certainly help Brianna's future endeavors: athletic, academic, or professional.  She is a rare combination of huge talent, driven competitiveness, a great personality, and natural smarts - a great role model for other high school kids.  Good luck!

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Brianna with her Brothers, Tyson and Christian