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California Beach Rock'n Sushi - Sushi for Lunch? Oh, Yeah!

Tired of your usual fast food or local style plate lunch?  Then this is the place for you.  Located across the street from The Sports Authority on Ward Avenue, The California Beach Rock'n Sushi is a great alternative to your normal everyday lunch.

The menu features your traditional sushi's, but also takes it a step further with original rolls.  The Rainbow Roll, features four types of fish, and avocado in an array of colors, which was not only delicious, but esthetically appealing.  The Crunchy Roll and Crunchy King Crab Roll features seafood, with a tempura covering crunch and is sure to become a favorite of yours.  You can sit down at the sushi bar and have it made before your eyes, or have it served at your table.

Sushi's not the only thing they have to offer.  There are an array of salads, meat and seafood entrees,  and appetizers.  Some of the offerings I have had in the past, were the Chester Chicken - teriyaki chicken croquets, Miso Chicken Katsu cooked to a golden perfection, and great Shrimp and vegetable tempura.

If you are looking for a real lunch deal, you can not beat their lunch combos.  For under $9, you can get a fish, chicken, or tempura entree, fried squid, shumai, a six piece California roll, a small salad and rice.  The only thing you have to look out for, is a Kanak Attack (eat 'till you sleep) with all this ono food.

There is a lot of free parking behind the building and at the Sports Authority parking lot.  The service was friendly and excellent (a special thank you to our server - Dina).  The only drawback here was that the food took a little while to prepare.  They are busy, so if you are in a rush, you might want to come when you have a full lunch break.  Still, it is a nice atmosphere to have a leisurely lunch with friends.  They are open for dinner as well, and have an equally awesome early bird special.  Oh yeah, one last thing - if it's your birthday, you get a free desert, and we had a fantastic mac nut pie.