gen·e·sis   (jn-ss)
n. pl. gen·e·ses (-sz)

  1. The coming into being of something; the origin. Synonym 'Beginning'

Wait a minute, how can Warriors Quest 4 be the Genesis?  For Hawaii Mixed Martial Arts, it's only the beginning of better days ahead.  For promoter Brennan Kamaka, this is the first Warriors Quest sanctioned by Japan's Shooto Fighting Association.  This can only mean more respect, recognition, and validation for the men and women the upcoming Warriors Quest.

At the weigh-ins, held at 5:30 p.m. in the Maui Room of the Neal Blaisdell Center, 24 fighters filled the room with their entourages, guest, family, fans, and the media.  The fighters sat at the table, as Kamaka introduced them for weigh-ins, and referees Haru Shimonishi and Niko Vitale reviewed the rules.

For "Genesis" Brennan Kamaka put together another stellar fight card.  Brennan manages to get some of Hawaii's best veterans as well as feature some of the local rising stars as well.  Brennan also attracts talented mainland fighters from such teams as Team Shamrock, Team Renzo Gracie, Next Generation Fight Academy, and Hell House. 


MAIN EVENT: Middleweight 76.0 kg Shooto Class A

Ray Cooper (Jesus is Lord)  vs. Dan Gilbert (Hell House) #6
#4 World Ranked Shooto #6 World Ranked Shooto

Semi-Main Event:Light Heavyweight 83.0 kg Class A

John Crsistomo (808 Fight Factory)  vs. Chris Brennan (Next Generation)
Superbrawl Champion  2x King of the Cage Middleweight World Champion

Womens Match: 123 lbs 2x5minute rounds

Betta Yeung (HMC)  vs. Erica Monteya (Next Generation)

Light Heavyweight 83.0 kg Class B

Charuto Verissimo (Nova Uniao)  vs. Roland Fabre (Team Renzo Gracie)

Welterweight 70.0 kg Class B

Jamal Perkins (808 FF)  vs. James Vincen (Koden Kan)

Middleweight 76.0 kg Class B
David Padilla (Gamebred)  vs. JR Palmer (Universal Rough Housing)

Welterweight Class B
Virgil Strzelecki (Hell House)  vs. Tracey Hess (Next Generation)

Heavyweight 110.0 kg Class A
David Pa'aluhi  vs. Bobby Southworth (Team Shamrock)

195 lb 2x5minute rounds
Paul Wright (808 FF)  vs. Jason McCormick (HMC)

Lightweight 65.0 kg Class B
Yobi Song (GameBred)  vs. TJ Johnson (Universal Rough Housing)

Middleweight 76.0 kg Class B
Jason Dacquel (808 FF)  vs. John Kukahiko (Koden Kan)

170 lb 2x5minute rounds
Tripsin (808 FF)  vs. Deshawn (HMC)