I was looking at my calendar today, and suddenly realized how many things were going on this Saturday that are of interest to me...

1) My son's Pop Warner football game
2) The Haleiwa Rock Fest
3) The Garlic Festival
4) Great football games at Aloha Stadium involving St. Louis, Kahuku, and a couple of mainland teams.
5) An Election Night party at my cousin's house in Wai`anae (she's running for a State House seat)

And oh yeah... The Primary Election.

I read an article in the Honolulu Advertiser that there were "concerns" that the games at the stadium and the televised UH game would pull voters away from the polls...


Last I checked, polls open at 7:00 am. The UH game doesn't go on until 3:00 pm, and Aloha Stadium doesn't open until 2:00 pm (for you tailgaters out there). I get a little lazy myself sometimes, but REALLY. I hear so many people complaining about government and its officials --- I certainly hope these aren't the same people planning to use the football games (or any other events) as an excuse not to vote. We all lead busy lives, and granted, there are a lot of things more exciting than going to the polls to vote. But I don't think taking a little time out of your day to mark up a ballot will kill anyone. Go EARLY. Get it out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of the day.

Fortunately for me, I don't have to struggle to decide when to fit in my voting. I already did it via Absentee Ballot. Plan ahead, and it makes things easier for you in the end.

As for what I've decided to do with myself this Saturday --- it was quite easy. While the Haleiwa Rock Fest is featuring some really great tribute bands (one of which covers my all-time favorite --- Aerosmith), and the Garlic Festival is always a winner, I'm choosing to spend the daytime watching my son's Pop Warner game. 

And after that? It's tempting to go out to the stadium to watch some quality high-school football, but I've elected (hee!) to give my tickets away and head out to Wai`anae to watch the vote tallies with my cousin and her other supporters. After all, I'm her Campaign Manager --- how can I NOT be there?

For those of you still debating on whether or not you have the time to vote this Saturday, it's quite simple: If you are REGISTERED and have not used one of the early-vote options (such as the Absentee Ballot), you need to get your okole in gear and VOTE.

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