Hawaii411 Movie Review (Preview Actually!)


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J.R.R. Tolkien's classic is brought to live action  in this epic undertaking by Peter Jackson.  Got to give a Hawaii411.com hand to him for having the guts to translate this best-seller masterpiece to film.  He's also doing something brand new for movies... Shooting all three of the series at once.  They will then be released "rapid fire" style to audiences each Christmas over the next 3 years.

I'm a big fan of the books.  I've read them over and over again and will eventually pass them down to my children.  The cartoon version disappointed me... Too simplistic... It just didn't touch on enough things that the book explored.  The characters were not revealed in the cartoon version.  The character study done within the books is the core of what makes The Hobbit series so darn good.

I've viewed the trailer, and it looks pretty exciting.  Spectacular effects, awesome makeup (I've always thought Liv Tyler looked like an elf!), and freaky orcs.  I hope that Director Peter Jackson will not spend all of his time on the computer graphics aspect of the books and concentrate more on the character details.

The Fellowship of the Ring comes out on December 19, 2001.  I'll be waiting to see the result.  One thing I'm wondering is how long the movie will be.  If you go strictly by the book, my guess is that audiences will go in Monday and come out Wednesday morning.  I wonder what scenes will be edited, and if that will affect the movie.

"Iíve spent seven years of my life on this project so far," he notes, "pouring my heart into every single aspect of it. But I think thatís the least we owe to Tolkien and the legions of fans around the globe. They deserve our very best efforts." Jackson said.  Lets hope he does the series justice!  If not, at the very least it will bring thousands of children down to middle earth, and into the fellowship of Hobbit fans.