Yep, once again Kamehameha School Girl gone Mega-Hollywood Actress Kelly Hu has landed a blockbuster role in a sure-to-be-profitable flick... X-Men 2.  This Chinese, Hawaiian, English actress is putting the black belt in Karate that she recently earned from one of her roles to good use as Lady Deathstrike.

X-men followers know Lady Deathstrike as a kick-ass cybernetic bitch with an attitude.  For those of you 'non-dorks', she has a grudge match revenge thing going on between her and Wolverine.  Those claws aren't just a manicurists worst nightmare.. They are weapons that she had implanted in her body so she could be able to beef with the clawed X-man.

Kelly has come a long way since she took the Miss Teen USA in 1985.  She then appeared on Growing Pains as Kirk Cameron's Hawaiian Sweetheart.  Since then, her roles have included parts in Night Court, 21 Jump Street, Tour of Duty, Melrose Place, Surf Ninjas, the Doors, and the highly forgettable Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan... Her career really started taking off when she played Michelle Chan, super Asian on Nash Bridges.  After that series, she was offered a lead part in Sammo Hung's Martial Law as Grace 'Pei Pei' Chan.  Then WHAMMO, a blockbuster film with The ROCK (Dwayne Johnson who also has significant local ties)!  She enjoyed major exposure as the love interest in the Scorpion King last year, and right now her star is just about ready to supernova.  It didn't take much for Kelly to land the X-Men 2 part.  In fact she said she only had to read 3 or 4 lines and she was hired.  Wham, Bam, thank you Ma'am, Kelly is on her way to some big cinema bucks.

The new X-men movie looks real high budget and exciting.  With a bunch of new characters and the return of all the old ones, it's our hope that this is the film that catapults our local girl done good to the head of the Hollywood Elite line.  Go see it when it comes out May 3, 2003.  And root for the bad girl!