Jimmy Strombach - Moanalua 2 Sport Standout

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Jimmy Strombach - Standout in Football, Baseball, and Life...

James 'Jimmy' Strombach
is an exceptional athlete.  He not only is a projected All State Selection for High School Football, but also an 1st team All State Baseball Selection as well.  He holds the OIA record for TD receptions and yards in a single season (14 TD's and 1003 yards).  He has just taken up soccer this year for the first time in his life "just for kicks" (yep, Hawaii411 is starting with the goofy puns early!  It only gets worse!).

James is also a stellar student.  Despite his busy schedule, he maintains an overall grade point average of 3.3 and ranks in the top 25% of his senior class.  He's made the honor roll since 1999 and has even won the English Award of Excellence.

He's had a busy year.

"Jimmy is a division one prospect at the strong safety, free safety, and wide receiver position and has all the tools necessary to play at a higher level." says football coach Jose Guevara.

"Jimmy is one of the best players in the state.. He has tremendous strength in his hitting.  He has a quick bat, can hit for power and to all fields.  He has excellent base to base speed, he;s very determined and likes to win. " says coach Clyde Nekoba.  Coach Clyde knows a little something about talent, being a former Red Sox Scout and the GM for Hawaii Winter Baseball. "Hands down, one of the best all around athletes in the state of Hawaii."

We sat down with Jimmy and talked to this highly touted athletic 'beast'.... only to be surprised at what a down to earth, intelligent, family values type guy he really is.

Hawaii411:  What positions do you play?
Jimmy:  In football, I play Wide Receiver, Defensive Back, Punt Return, and Kick Return.  I've also played Quarterback.  In Baseball, I play Outfield, and in Soccer I am the Goalie.

Hawaii411:  Did you play Football from "small kid time"? And were you the phenom then that you are now?
Jimmy: I played two years of Pop Warner football, one in Guam and one in Manoa.  And I was hardly the "phenom".... I was a scrub.  The thing that I loved about playing football was all the excitement... Football is such a great learning experience for kids.

Hawaii411:  Tell us about your most memorable play.
Jimmy:  That would have to be the very first offensive play of a game against our rival, Radford High.  I received a 5 and out pattern and managed to take it 80 yards for a touchdown.

Hawaii411:  What is your favorite subject in school?
Jimmy: My favorite subject is Sociology, because it is very fun and interesting.  My teacher Mrs. Kelly Calistro is a great motivator and educator.

Hawaii411:  What offers have you received from colleges?  Which ones are you leaning towards?
Jimmy: I have received and still am receiving letters of interest from many colleges right now, but I am still pretty open to any college.  I am lucky to have so many options, and will look at each one closely before making a decision.

Hawaii411:  How about UH?  Support the Home Team Jimmy! (no, not KFVE!)
Jimmy:  UH is a good school with great coaches.  It's here in the home state and I have my family and friends here.  It's definitely an option I'd consider.

Hawaii411:  Speaking of college, what do you want to major in?
Jimmy:  I'm undecided right now.  Maybe athletic training or something in the medical field.  My dream, however, has always been to be a pilot.

Hawaii411:  Who is your inspiration/hero?
Jimmy:  I'd say my grandparents.  They have always been there for me.  They are great role models.  They taught me that family ALWAYS comes first.

Hawaii411: Who do you wish to thank?
Jimmy:  I want to thank all my family, my friends, and my coaches.  I have been very blessed to have so many stand by me and help me become a better person and athlete.

Hawaii411: Please provide us with one sentence that sums up your life philosophy.
Jimmy:  Do everything at 100% and with an open mind and great things will happen for you.

411 Conclusion: What can we say about this guy?  How's about "I wish I had done half the things he did in High School!" or "Geez, when does he rest? (I guess between goals???)".  Best of luck to Jimmy Strombach in his college career.  He has a great head on his shoulders and personifies a perfect balance between Athletics, Academics, and Family Values... Watch out NFL and MLBA!  Here comes Jimmy Strombach!

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