All Photos Courtesy of Yahoo From AP Photo/Ronen Zilberman.  Please visit Yahoo for full sized pics.

Balanced Scoring and a Tight-Wad defense combined to give the Mighty Bows yet another victory at home tonight.

Offense? 5 players were in double figures: McIntyre had 22 points, Berneika had 13, Savo 12, English 10, and Campbell ended up with 10.

Defense? The Hawaii Defense comes to play every night.  Hawaii's "pake style" defense reminds me of my penny pinching Uncle Chow... You ain't getting ANYTHING outta either of em.  Tops in the WAC,  UH has allowed an average of below 60 points per game and holds their opponents to under 40 percent from the field.  Defense wins games, and the Rainbows have stuck to their assignments like melted ricecake on wet fingers.

Hawaii had this one from five minutes into the first half.  The outcome was never in doubt, and by the later part of the second half our bench players were all given bonus garbage minutes.  I love to watch the bench play... One thing though... Someone get Nkeruwem Akpan a free throw coach.  The guy has a lot of potential... He was skying pretty high for rebounds and getting to the line, only to tank 4 ugly freebees.  Oh well, he's only a freshman, and he's got time.  Then there was our personal favorite Mr. Lance Takaki (hooray for short asians!).  Unselfish till the end, he faithfully handled and dealt the rock to his fellow teammates.  C'mon Lance, when you get the ball toss it up there once just for us!

Item to note: Five poor sport Louisiana Tech Players crowded over one of our guys, who was down on the floor (was it English or Campbell?).  Don't know if it was my eyes or what, but it looked like a gang mauling as one of the players actually kicked our helpless guy about ten seconds after he went down.  What is up with that?  Thumbs WAAAY down for the Louisiana Thugs... Hey, if you can't play ball, resort to violence... That's what college hoops is all about.

Anyhow, time for a 411 award to the man of the night. Mr. McIntyre was DA MAN tonight, posting 22 points, grabbing 3 rebounds, and going 4 for 7 in treys. A fine performance from an outstanding player, McIntyre is rapidly proving to be an integral piece of the Hawaii machine. Great going Mike, and another fine job by our very own UH "We're on top of the WAC" Rainbows!