It's 10:00am and we're at Puck's Alley by the University.  We're going to 'The Greek Corner' with Braddah Sam and Local Kine Grindz!

Local Kine Grindz is only the most popular show in town... Playing just about every day on OC16 at 9:00pm and featuring at least 3 new restaurants a week, Local Kine Grindz has grabbed Hawaii (and Mainland/International Hawaiians at Heart) by the stomach since its start in January 2000 (yep, it's been 2 years already). This show hits us right in the ono spots, as well as the funny bone.

Great job, huh?  Just film the food, film Sam interviewing the owner, and eat.  In and out in 10 minutes and then off to the next restaurant... Could it be that easy?  Nope.  A lot of care and effort goes in to making one of these great episodes.  Hawaii411 got the privilege of hanging with Braddah Sam at the shoot in 'The Greek Corner'.

The hosts of the show are Braddah Sam Langi (of Vaihi fame) and Lina Girl Langi (of KCCNFM100 radio dj fame).  As the credits say, no, they are not brother/sister - They are the cutest, most lovable, most down to earth married couple on TV today.  Wait... What am I telling you all of this for?  Unless you've been hiding in an Afghanistanian Cave for the last two years and your last name is Bin Laden, you probably are already well acquainted with the Langi's.  Lina Girl unfortunately could not join us for this segment as she was fullfilling her duties at KCCNFM100.

Ikaika Kimura and Braddah Sam

Who you may not be familiar with is Cameraman Producer/Director Ikaika Kimura.  He's just as much a part of Local Kine Grindz (and the show's success) as Braddah Sam and Lina Girl.  In fact, Braddah Sam attributes the original 'Local Kine Grindz' idea to Ikaika.  Ikaika and Sam had mutual friends, and once the two were introduced, a hit show was born.  Ikaika graduated from Kamehameha School and then went on to BYUH.  He ended up studying computers and digital film editing.  It's Ikaika who splices all of the viable takes together to make a cohesive and flowing show.  
"What drew me to Ikaika is that he always has a smile for everyone... He's such a nice guy." says Braddah Sam of his buddy Ikaika.  It's true... We just met the guy and he instantly gets the Hawaii411 seal of approval.  These two guys are the friendliest buggers you will EVER met!  They represent Aloha Spirit at it's finest.
Ikaika gets his equipment ready (a nice lightweight looking professional digital camcorder) while Nassar (he runs 'The Greek Corner') makes sure all the food is prepared.  While Braddah Sam talks story with us, the first dish brought out to a single table, documented on film (steaming and all! So ONO!), and placed on one of five tables arranged in a line "buffet style" in the center of the room.  Then the second dish comes out, then the third dish, the fourth dish... Oh my!  By the time all the food comes out of the kitchen, a 14 dish banquet has been brought out and placed in the center of the room!  For us?  Somebody please slap me... I'm dreaming.
By this time, our mouths are watering.  Ikaika and Braddah Sam decide on the best angles, and it's off to the intro shot!  Ikaika spouts some tips and pointers off of the top of his head and Sam instantly processes and adds personality to the 10 separate phrases Ikaika has just 'jedi mind tricked' over to Sam.  Me?  I had no idea what was going on or how Braddah Sam could get all that down on one take.  These two have a synergy going on that allows them to communicate "Local Kine Grindz" style.  Sam gets the intro shot down and nails all of his points.  Some of those greek names throw Braddah Sam for an instant, but he gets right back in there and nails the names perfectly on the next take.  Ikaika's film editing talents will make Sam's performance seamless by the release of the segment next week.

We then move to the food table.  Nassar is given a quick run down of what Sam will say and do, and they are off and filming once more.  Nassar shows off his star quality by giving a flawless rundown of the Greek food banquet table.

One more segment to go about the special of the week.  "Just mention Local Kine Grindz is the Winnahs and get..."  It's so cool to see Braddah Sam's enthusiasm throughout this shoot.  You can see from his performance that he really loves promoting and helping out the local businesses.  And the good food doesn't hurt either - heck, I was getting excited!

"Come on Friends...", says Braddah Sam.  These are the words that Hawaii411 was waiting to hear!  In the blink of an eye there was Greek food surrounding us.  Grab a little on the left, a little from the right, a tiny bit in front and a portion from the back.  Could this be what heaven is like?

Well, we went on to interview Braddah Sam and for the rest of the day tried in vain to fight off heavy lunch fatigue syndrome.  Coming soon to Hawaii411 will be the Braddah Sam Interview!  Look for it!

Oh yah, the food?  We highly recommend it!  It was so great in fact that we are going to have to do a review of "The Greek Corner" of our very own.  Look for that in the coming weeks also!