My mother always cared for me,
In hail or flood or rain.
She made sure I nevah wen freak out
During both the hurricanes. (yikes!)

She'd give me goodies from her purse,
(when I was good, I would get snacks.)
But when wiseass words came out my mouth -
She'd give me couple slaps. (crack!)

Every day she cooked us all our meals -
Morning, Noon and Night.
She made sure my Underroos were ready,
As well as my nightlight. (click!)

I remember the Chawan Rice Bowl Deal
When my hair needed trimming.
I remember her telling me not to pee
Wherever I went swimming. (Ewww!)

I also remember my mom's favorite
Christmas wood rose wreath.
I remember one time busting her,
Exchanging money for my teeth. (ChaChing!)

One time I tried to slap her butt,
Just cause I was mad,
But I ended up spanking another lady....
Then I got whacked by Dad. (Bonk!)

As much trouble as I made for her,
She never made a stink.
Even the time when all my barf
clogged up the kitchen sink. (Ugh!)

I've never had a poet's skills, 
Even at the best of times...
My 'Mama' poem ain't close to great,
But hey, at least it rhymes! (so there!)

I look back upon my life and see,
That she was always there for me.
And that's where she will always be -
Of Course! Hooray for my mommy! (Yay!)