Melveen Leed's newest venture?  Manoa - By Melveen Leed. 

Between writing an autobiography, recording a CD, and performing live, Hawaii favorite Melveen Leed  has somehow found the time to create and launch her own brand of women's perfume, called Manoa.

A launching party for Manoa was held Monday, February 25, at Chai's Island Bistro in Aloha Tower. John Berger, Carole Kai, Glen Pinho, Rodney Cazimero, Chai himself.... So many local celebrities came out to show their aloha and support for Melveen.  Some of Melveen's other talents were also showcased, such as her beautiful framed pen and ink masterpieces and her artistic pareo wraps.  Chai's pupus were ono-licious as always, and he personally watched over the festivities all night. 

Manoa is named after Melveen's daughter, Ka'aikaula Tauatuahine'OManoa - Kaula for short. Melveen's love for Kaula is always evident by the way she lights up whenever she speaks of her.  The audience was treated to an unexpected surprise as Kaula entertained the dinner crowd with a graceful impromptu dance.

Melveen spent the night singing awesome jazz melodies.  Slow ones, fast ones, funny ones, romantic ones... She did what she's been doing for years - entertained and delighted the audience.  She can really belt out a jazz tune!  Melveen invited a few of her entertainer friends on stage to jam with her, and the show just took off.

Judging by people's reactions towards Manoa, it's sure to be a hit.

For the men, she will soon be releasing a cologne. Melveen put some of the cologne on me, and it smelled fabulous! I'd describe it as a subtle spicy vanilla fragrance, and sure enough she said it had a touch of vanilla in there "to make the wahines all crazy".

I borrowed one of the bottles of Manoa from a nearby table, intending to snap a few cool promo shots of the item.  When I brought it back, I found out that Melveen had everyone looking for who stole the bottle of Manoa! Yikes!  I thought I was going get some dirty lickings by da tita herself!  Sorry!  See what I go thru for you guys?

You'll be able to pick up a bottle of Manoa on the website when she launches it this week.  Look for it!