[From the movie Pulp Fiction]

Hard day at the office?
Butch: Pretty Hard. Got in a fight.
Fabienne: Poor baby.
Butch: You know what? I was thinkin’ about takin’ a shower. I’m stinkin’ like a dog over here.
Fabienne: I like the way you stink…

On occasion, the smell of a sweaty man after a hard day’s work or a game of hoops can be downright… attractive. No, really. I think that every so often, a man should smell like A MAN.

Personally, men’s colognes give me headaches and often make me feel as if I’m in the middle of a chemical warfare attack. What comes to mind when I get a whiff of Cool Water, CK One, or even the dreaded Drakkar Noir are that the guys wearing them are trying way too hard to “catch them a woman”. It reeks of desperation (no pun intended). However, some women like that sort of thing. More power to them, and they won’t need to fight me over those types of guys. They are welcome to them.

But the smell of hard work or hard play on a man can have just the right effect, if it’s not too overpowering. Men sweat. A lot. That’s the way it should be. Note: I’m just talking one guy at a time here – you won’t find me dwelling in the corner of a men’s locker room getting high on their pheromones.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating bad hygiene here. It’s only okay to sweat and smell after some sort of strenuous activity. It’s NOT okay to be that way on a regular basis. Occasionally? Good. Frequently? Bad. Daily? VERY BAD. And that raunchy scent will only keep me ensnared for 30 minutes, tops – after that, I expect said “man” to jump in a shower and get himself squeaky clean. 

Because the only thing sexier than a sweaty, smelly man is a scrubbed down, deodorized one - there’s nothing better than the smell of soap on a freshly showered guy.