Hawaii411 Community Article:
The Honolulu Marathon
The 2001 Honolulu Marathon was run today.  As I write this article, some runners are still running the race.  Traffic was snarled, but most Hawaii motorists are familiar with the Sunday Marathon traffic jams and were akamai enough to stay off of the road.

22,465 people entered what is one of Honolulu's major attractions.  Sept. 11 worried Marathon and Tourism officials alike, however the numbers came out better than expected.  4000 less people signed up for last years Marathon.  People fly in from every nation in the world to participate in the biggest race of its kind in the US.  The Honolulu Marathon is a great boost to our economy, bringing in an estimated $80 million to our local businesses.  A great boost for a suffering state!

The Japanese usually make up more than 50% of the entrants in the Honolulu Marathon every year.  This year, prerace tallys numbered the Japanese entrants at over 8700.  That's only 38% of the total entrys, attributable to Japan's current recession, economic woes, and the fear of travel.  The numbers could have been worse.

For most people the marathon is all about fun.  I caught these drummers at Maunalua Bay giving support to the runners.  The runners all cheered as they ran past, very appreciative of the Aloha that was provided to them!  The only place where traffic was worse than Kalanianiole Highway was the porta-potties down at the park and ride.  When you gotta go, you gotta go.  Aloha spirit was shown by all, from the Spongers to the Drink hander-outters... Even the police were in high spirits despite their traffic control assignments.

This years winners?

The men's champ was a 2 time champion from Kenya named Mbarak Hussein
(Why does Kenya have all the fast runners?) with a time of 2:15:09.  His brother Ibrahim is also a multiple time winner of the Honolulu Marathon.  That's a fast family!  Do you suppose they were chased a lot as kids?  Who cares... No one could've caught up with them.

The women's first place finisher was Lyubov Morgunova
from Russia with a time of 2:29:54 (I think I can jog about 3 miles on a good day in that time)She successfully defended her title from last year.  Can you actually train in Russia for this sort of thing?  I didn't know that.  Guess she does a lot of indoor track work.

Well, I give these runners a lot of credit, as well as the organizers of this monumental event.  It seemed as if everyone had a blast, and it gave a needed boost to our economy!  Maybe next year I'll enter.  Ummm... Then again maybe not.