Briana Marinas, Waianae Volleyball Standout

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Briana Marinas, Waianae's Volleyball 'Killer'...

5-foot-9 senior outside hitter Briana Marinas was named OIA West Player of the Year..... (headline, Honolulu Advertiser, 2001)
Seemed like every time you picked up a sports section last volleyball season you saw her name... Briana Marinas, Volleyball sensation out of Waianae High School.  She racked up some huge numbers this year for the Searider girl's volleyball team, earning the honor of OIA western player of the year.  This was her last year as a high school player, and she is looking forward to continuing her fantastic athletic career at the next level.  Let's meet her!

Hawaii411: To start off, please introduce yourself! 
Briana: My name is Briana Marinas. I love to play sports especially volleyball, my special talent. I'm from Waianae High School and grew up in Wai'anae. I come from a big family of 7 children and am the youngest.  My brothers and sisters are named Bernard, Brandon, Brandy, Brian, Brady, Brooke and me, Briana.

Hawaii411: What other sports do you play besides volleyball?
Briana: I also play basketball, run track and weight lift.

Hawaii411: When were you introduced to Volleyball?
Briana: I started to play v-ball at the age of 9, competitive ball with my family in different tournaments. My most vivid memory of playing v-ball when I was a kid was the fun that I had with my friends because our team was very good.

Hawaii411: Were you always an outstanding player or did you grow into one?
Briana: I played high school ball all 4 of my years. I played varsity ball for 3 years because for my freshmen year I wasn't too sure about it, so I stood down to J.V.  We kicked some butt to become west division champs. I was always an outstanding player and have received awards and all stars every year.

Hawaii411: What is your greatest skill/asset as a player? Are you a natural or was it learned?
Briana: Well, I'm known as the "killer" on the west coast because of my powerful hits and jumpserves. So I guess that it could be my hitting and serving. I can honestly say that I'm a natural born player.

Hawaii411: How often do you practice (both team practice and on your own) and what do you like to work on when you practice on your own (run, weights, jump....etc?)
Briana: I practice every day from Monday thru Friday, running, lifting weights and doing jumpsoles to increase my vertical. I stay in physical shape because I feel I have to, it's very important to me to stay physically active year round.

Hawaii411: What is the weirdest successful training technique you have ever tried?
Briana: I've always liked "jumping around" or fast agility exercises and drills.  They kill you, but hey, it works!!

Hawaii411: What one word describes the secret of your success?
Briana: It's all about "DETERMINATION" to me.

Hawaii411: What do you do in your spare time when you aren't on the volleyball court?
Briana: Oh, I love to read and eat. Eat, eat and eat. And you wonder how I stay so skinny? Beats me!!

Hawaii411: How are you doing academically?
Briana: My grades are one thing that I do not let down. I'm a hardworking student in school and goes for what I believe in. I set goals and try my best to achieve them.

Hawaii411: What are your favorite subject in school?
Briana: My favorite subject is Math because i feel that's the only subject that exercises my brain the most. It's a good feeling. But I loooove my weight lifting class. It takes my mind off of my busy everyday life. I just relax and sweat everything off for an hour straight of pumping some iron.

Hawaii411: You have a ton of awards... List a few of them for us.
Briana: Well to start it off, I have a lot of awards for v-ball and academics.  My freshmen year I was M.V.P. for our v-ball team, sophomore year I made second team all stars, junior year I made first team all stars and second team all state and M.V.P. for varsity team, then senior year I've made West Player of the Year, second team all state, and first team all stars. I was also team captain for 4 years. I've played for clubs off season and gone to junior national tournaments in the states to compete. It was great experience for me and has taught me a lot of ball skill.

Hawaii411: What advice would you give to an aspiring young volleyball player?
Briana: I would tell them to never give up, practice always makes perfect, and always tell yourself "I need to learn more, so push!!"

Hawaii411: What do you want to major in?  And what colleges are you looking at?
Briana: I always wanted to major in business management. I'm fond of being a business woman in the future. I have a broad range of colleges but 2 in particular, U.C. Santa Barbara and U.H. Manoa.

Hawaii411: Do you have a role model?
Briana: To tell you the truth, I've never had a role model for sports. But I had one always in my life, my mother.

Hawaii411: Ever spike someone in the head?
Briana: Do you think hitting people in their face is funny? I've done that a lot while playing, "BUT NOT ON PURPOSE! IT'S ALL ACCIDENTS!!" I felt sorry for it, but once you're on the other side of the net, it's all about getting it on and playing some ball.

Hawaii411: What do you like best about being on the court?
Briana: On the court, it's all about the "adrenaline rush." I love that feeling and I have it all the time that I step foot on the court.

411 conclusion: She's known as the killer (perhaps the rep is from those head spiking 'accidents'?), and she does exactly that on the volleyball court.  What can we say about Briana?  She's full of personality, talent, drive, and motivation - prime ingredients for success in athletics and academics.  By pushing herself to be the best she can possibly be, Briana has sharpened her natural talent to a razor thin edge which she uses to slice through her opponents.  Hawaii411 hopes to see Briana playing for our own Rainbow Wahine Volleyball team in the near future!  Good Luck Briana!

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