Men In Black II:
Once you've gone black, you shouldn't have gone back....


Ever heard a super funny joke?  Ever hear the same joke again 2 weeks later?  Not as funny, eh?  That pretty much sums up the new(???) Men In Black II movie, starring such notables such as Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Rip Torn, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Johnny Knocksville.

I really liked the first Men in Black - Original, fast paced, and funny.  Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith made one dynamic duo that kept me glued to the screen like I'd been zapped by a silver neuralizer.

Men in Black II starts off where the first one left the two agents Jay and Kay.  Kay (Tommy Lee Jones), now enjoying himself as an oblivious Postmaster in Massachusetts, is pulled back into action by Jay (Will Smith) to battle the evil Lara Flynn Boyle (a plant-like alien who takes the form of an underwear model, the first earthly thing it sees).  

The special effects are cliché, and the one-liners that made Men in Black so enjoyable for me are absent.  Even at 88 minutes the film seems to have trouble dredging up new material.  And beware the over plentiful small pug dog scenes with the 'Who Let the Dogs Out' theme song (gee, I haven't heard that one before).  


The Bottom Line
See this movie only if 1) there is no surf, 2) there is no other movie playing, 3) an alien is holding a blaster to your head.  Disappointing.  Save the world?  Save yourself... Don't see this movie.  Stanky...

Hawaii411 Rating Box -
Men in Black II
1 Will out of 5

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