Monsters, Inc.
Hawaii411 movie review:
Afraid of the Dark?  Monsters, Inc. tells all...


Ever been afraid as a child to go to sleep?  Once your parents were gone, you were at the mercy of the things that go bump in the night...

Be afraid... be very afraid... Hold up... Wrong Movie.  Monsters, Inc by Pixar Studios has brought another fantastic "not just for kids" computer generated movie.  The kids will love it, and there are enough side jokes and innuendo to keep the adults laughing also.

The whole premise is a spoof on childhood fears.  Every child at once in his/her life has feared creatures from the dark.  Monsters, Inc. puts a hilarious spin on this phobia.

Meet Sulley, an eight foot tall blue furred giant complete with fangs and horns... It's no surprise that he's "top scarer" at Monsters, Inc, the largest scream processing factory in monster land.  You see, these screams provide the monsters with their power supply.  We find out that the monsters are only doing their job when freaking little children out.

Mike is Sulley's roomate and top supporter.  He's best described as a "green one eyed malasada" and can be seen here on vacation in Hawaii slinging the shaka.

All hell breaks loose when a little girl somehow crosses over through the closet door into monster land.  It seems that the monsters are terrified of this little girl, because they believe her touch is poisonous.

Anyhow, check out the rest for yourself.  I really enjoyed seeing Monsters, Inc. and recommend it for family viewing.  There are some scary parts for the keikis, but overall the film is all about fun.  I give it a 9 out of 10.  Monsters, Inc sets out to do what it intends.. entertain both young and old.  Everyone walking out of the theater on the night I viewed the movie had a big smile on their face.

Look for Monsters, Inc to be one of the front runners in this years Academy Awards.  They will be including a new category for feature length animation.

Monsters, Inc is currently playing at: Dole Cannery 18, Kahala 8, Kapolei 16, Keolu Center Cinemas, Ko'olau Stadium 10, Koko Marina Stadium 8, Mililani Town Center Stadium 14, Pearl Highlands 12, Pearlridge West 16, Restaurant Row 9, Ward Stadium 16, and Windward Stadium 10.