The Best Fans in the World Were AT Aloha Stadium Last Night
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100,000 will say they were there, 33,148 had tickets for it, but only a loyal 29,073 rabid Warrior fans were actually there to witness one of the most entertaining victories of the year.  On a night where 11 single game records were set or tied, the fans may have given their best performance of the season as well.

Hawaii's fair weather fans stayed away in droves, producing the smallest crowd of the season. Although the crowd at the Miami Ohio game was the smallest of the season, pound-for-pound they were the loudest.  On this night the fans were definitely the twelfth player on the field.  The fans raised their decibel level to sell-out crowd proportions on crucial third-down situations, which helped cause multiple delay of game and offsides penalties by the Miami offense.  The crowd booed the horrendous officiating, as well as the multiple unsportsmanlike displays by the Redhawks.  When the Warriors were down, the fans did not lose faith.  By the fourth quarter, only the foolish had left their seats early, and the entire crowd was on its feet - screaming, clapping and whistling for Hawaii.

Among the fans that stood out in the stadium were a group of young men wearing plastic Warrior football helmets, the numerous face and body painters, and the crazies in the hula skirts.  In my section of the stadium, two boys epitomized the spirit of the Warriors - they were young, fearless, inspired, and persistent.  These boys were no older than ten years of age, and they repeatedly tried to incite the fans into the wave.  They got up on their feet in front of thousands, trying to start the wave.  Unfortunately, the action on the field was such that there was no time to do the wave in the second half, but their effort was well appreciated by the fans.

At the end of the game, some of the Miami players continued the jawing they started during the game.  In true chicken-s... fashion, most of the trash talking came from five yards away during the game and got more animated when their teammates restrained them.  In Hawaii, you better back up your words.  At the end of the game, the sore losers no longer had a referee to protect them, or a teammate to "hold them back."  The players started a fight they could not finish.  The fans bid them a "Go home cook rice" farewell with boos and other gestures, goading the Redhawks into a frenzy as they were forced off the field by their coaches.  The Warriors and the fans let the visitors from Ohio know that Aloha Stadium is our House!

Even though the Warriors were playing for only their second winning season in the past nine years, this was just not enough for some.  What more do you want from UH?  You wanted a winning product - the Warriors are 7-3.  You wanted an exciting offense - they are among the top passing teams in the Nation.  You want special teams? Matt McBrair's kicking the ball back to Australia, Justin Ayat looks like the second coming of Jason Elam, and Chad Owens is Mr. Excitement.  You want to cheer for local kids? Look at the roster - they are loaded with local talent!   You want an exciting defense?  They are exciting - they bend but seldom break (on most occasions), and are playing their hearts out game after game for Hawaii.  Come on Hawaii, jump on the bandwagon that 29,073 of us never left, and support your Warrior football team.

Hawaii411 "Da Man" Award

We could give it to Nick Rolovich, who overcame a mediocre first half to throw for a record seven touchdowns and passed for 500 yards in the effort.  We could give it to Ashley Lelie for another stellar performance.  Still, this night belonged to the special teams.  Justin Ayat and Matt McBriar were great.  Chad Owens set a record with 233 return yards.  So we only find it appropriate that a special teams player win our prestigious award.  "Da Man" of this week is Sean "The Warriors are Kickin' Your" Butts.  Butts repeatedly heaved his 6'3" outstretched frame into the air, attempting to block the Redhawks kicks.  He incited one of the starting Miami Ohio linemen into getting himself ejected, which helped set up a crucial block of the last extra point attempt of the night, allowing the Warriors a chance to win with Ayat's field goal.  No ass jokes here folks, Butts is at the head of the class this week!

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