Hawaii411.com Report: Photo Radar and Super Protector Plates.

(Hawaii411 in no way condones speeding, running red lights, or reckless driving in any way.  We'd like all Hawaii drivers to be informed of Big Brother on the road.)

Everyone's heard about it... If you drive you need to know about it.  It's Hawaii's newest Tax Revenue Generator... Photo Radar.  Designed to effectively and efficiently deal out citation after citation to Hawaii Drivers, the photo radar systems have been under a ton of public scrutiny.  

The Who: ACS, or Affiliated Computer Services Inc. of Dallas was given the $14 million contract with the Honolulu Police Department in July to provide and operate 32 digital cameras to catch drivers who run red lights or drive at excessive speeds.  Poltech International Inc. of Melbourne, Australia, teamed up with ACS, providing red-light cameras, equipment and installation for the photo enforcement, as well as laser camera equipment for photo radar enforcement.  ACS also has provided up to eight laser cameras used in vans to catch motorists who speed over the posted limits. These laser cameras will be used on state highways as well as city streets.

The Penalties: The fine for running a red light is $77.  If you are caught speeding, your ticket will be $27 plus $5 for every mile per hour over the posted speed limit. If not paid within 15 days, these fines increase. ACS gets a cut of each ticket, the state judiciary get a piece, and the Transportation Department gets the rest.

Your Chances: According to an article in the Honolulu Advertiser, systems went active last week (01.03.02) and captured 927 people speeding.  Luckily for 769 of these people, the kinks still weren't worked out of the system.  Only 158 citations of the 927 were validated and mailed out because of various operator errors.  These errors have since been corrected, so don't expect to be this lucky again.

Let's do some math here... 4 vans shooting 13,507 vehicles showed 927 of them would've gotten tagged for speeding.   That's almost a 7% chance that you'll be socked with a $100-$150 violation.  After this moving violation makes its way to your insurance company, your costs are astronomical.

If someone told me that 1 out of every 14 times (that's 7%) I drove I'd get nailed,  I'd trade in my keys for a bus pass.  Quite a stiff penalty, and the odds are worse than a crooked Vegas casino.

Things people have been doing to avoid being ticketed:
1.  Know the road and be careful when approaching known photo radar intersections (listed at the end of this article).  Do not enter intersections and try to beat the yellow light.
2.  Don't exceed the posted speed limit (yah right.)

3.  Go with the flow of traffic.
4.  Install PROTECTOR license plate covers, which shield your vehicles license from angled viewing. (on sale through Hawaii411.com here)  Despite the police and media's best efforts to say these items 'don't work' and are 'illegal', we have not heard of one person yet who has been tagged for this item.  We also suspect that some of the 769 people who were lucky and not ticketed may have foiled the cameras using this device.  There are thousands out on the road.
5.  Take off your front license plate.  Hawaii law forbids this, but some people rather take a $50 ticket for this than to pay $100-$150 AND have a moving violation on their record.  Not having a license plate yields a non-moving violation, and therefore does not raise insurance rates.  BUT, police are being hard on this violation now days.
6.  Some people are installing Laser Diffusers, which attempts to make your car invisible to Photo Radar.  It's been my as well as others experience that these items are not only very pricey, but do not even work.

Things to know about the law: The law states that anything that obstructs the clear view of a vehicle's license plate shall be deemed illegal.  Protector License Shields do not interfere with direct viewing of the plate, and have caused legality debates in many states... None of which to my knowledge have been able to ban them.  We're not saying you won't get tagged for having one of these plate covers... We're saying that it is highly unlikely that the police will start.
Hawaii411 has teamed up with Ontrack, the Canadian company that has been producing Hawaii's hottest selling item in the past couple weeks.  We are encouraging dealers to purchase thru us, as we are the master dealer of these products.  Here are the prices (not including shipping if needed).  Your plate covers will be available immediately for pickup if we have enough in stock (and we got plenty!)... Or, we could ship them to you at true shipping cost..  Up to you.
Buy X number of units Price per cover
100 or more $15 each
75 - 99 $18 each
50 - 74 $24 each
25 - 49 $29.99 each
01 - 24 $34.99 each

Again, Hawaii411 promotes safe driving.  Nothing can replace a human life so please drive safely.  Email us at plates@hawaii411.com with any questions regarding purchasing of photoradar plates.

Ontrack License Plate Covers - Photo Radar Protection
Qty: Price: $34.99 (this price will be adjusted for quantity, so don't worry.  Someone will contact you regarding your correct price before your credit card is charged)

As promised, here is a list of known speed trap and stop light violation checkpoints as listed by the Honolulu Advertiser:

Initial locations for photo-enforcement of laws regarding stop lights.
  • Vineyard Boulevard and Punchbowl Street
  • Pali Highway and School Street
  • Likelike Highway and Kahekili Highway
  • H-1 Exit 18 East and Middle Street
  • Nimitz Highway and Kalihi Street
  • Kunia Road and Kupuna Loop
  • Kalaniana'ole Highway and 'Ainakoa Avenue/Waikui Street
  • Farrington Highway and Nanakuli Avenue
  • Fort Weaver Road and A'awa Drive/Old Fort Weaver Road
  • Kamehameha Highway and Pali Momi Street

Initial locations for photo-enforcement of speeding laws

  • Farrington Highway
  • Fort Weaver Road
  • H-1 Freeway
  • H-2 Freeway
  • H-3 Freeway
  • Kahekili Highway
  • Kalaniana'ole Highway
  • Kamehameha Highway, Route 83 & 99
  • Kane'ohe Bay Drive
  • Kunia Road
  • Likelike Highway
  • Moanalua Freeway
  • Nimitz Highway
  • Pali Highway