Okay, forget the debates... Forget the political grandstanding.... Today Hawaii411.com went to the Unity House get together at Ala Moana Beach Park.

We arrived just in time to witness an event that has not been seen since the pre-Burns era... Political Karaoke, where political candidates got up on stage to strut their singing voices.  Lingle Lingle was overheard challenging Democratic Representative Neil Abercrombie to a Karaoke Contest... And I quote "Okay Palaka Man, we know whose body is in better shape... Let's see whose voice is superior!" This was not the kind of 'trash talk' you usually hear out of politicians mouths.  This was a direct challenge.

Anyhow, round one of the Political Karaoke Challenge began with crowd favorite Linda Lingle singing "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Representative."  The crowd loved the slow ballad and didn't even notice that she was wearing the same pants as Neil.  After the cheering ended, it was Congressman Abercrombie's turn to respond.

An obviously amped-up Abercrombie followed Lingle's performance by belting out a half crazed version of "Born to Be Wild".  He definitely got people's motors running as they were overturning and mounting every Paradise Lua porta-potty, waving their heads and violently gesturing Devil signs to the stage.  The set ended with Neil performing a wild stage dive into the crowd.  Unfortunately, the predominantly Republican crowd allowed Rep. Abercrombie to hit the ground without breaking his fall.  He was unable to continue, but odds were that he would have been bested by Lingle's Performance anyhoot.  Luckily, Neil was okay - the only casualty being his white plantation style hat... "It's irreplaceable " sobbed Neil, looking at his damaged hat, " Ever since Farrell's closed I can't find anything like it! "  When we pointed out that his shirt was also damaged in the fall, he shrieked "Oh no, Arakawa's shut down also!".  It was a bad day for brother Neil, and Hawaii411 feels for him.

Duke Aiona, going for Lt. Governor in 2002, surprised everyone by jumping up on stage and singing Living La Vida Loca... totally in Hawaiian and complete with Ricky Martin-Like Hip shakes that he picked up from his Kumu from small keed time.  Just when Judge Aiona had the crowd riveted to their seats, he switched gears 'Braddah Iz' Style and started singing a medley of Tiny Bubbles and Hawai`i Pono`i which really blew the audience away.

Points were tallied and the winner was..... Duke Aiona!  Awards were presented to the winners by Frank Fasi, who temporarily forgot what he was doing and for a minute started to read his acceptance speech to the crowd.  Duke got a kick out of the presentation and in good spirits let Frank Fasi keep the First Place Award.  That, and he was having trouble prying it from Uncle Frank's grip.  "That buggah is still pretty strong!", Duke could be heard saying as he walked away shaking his head.

Alright, so the above events really did not occur today, however Hawaii411 thinks that it would be nice to have a candidate singoff every election.  It would make voting that much easier, and we could be sure that whomever is charged with running this state has a great voice and stage presence.  Hey, if it gets people to the polls to vote like in 'American Idol', would it not be worth it?