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Maybe it has to do with the Rainbow road curse... Maybe it was English's new hairdo.  Maybe the Men were Jet Lagged... Maybe it was just about time for our guys in green to let one slip away.

Regardless of the reason behind it, the Rainbow's posted their first loss in ten games - Their first loss of the season in WAC play.  They fall to 15-3 overall. and 6-1 in the WAC.

The loss wouldn't be a big deal - Basketball is a fickle game of streaks and you gotta expect a team to drop one periodically.  But to lose to the San Jose State Spartans?  This team stunk up the court this season (sorry, but it's the truth), posting a 0-6 record in the WAC and a 5-13 overall record before this performance against the Rainbows.  AND to lose when Coach Riley Wallace is trying so hard to get our guys a top 25 ranking?  Forget that now!  That's good though, at least now we can concentrate on playing some ball.

And I can't really say we were beaten by a fine performance by the Spartans.  It's not that they were that good - it's more like the Rainbows were just that bad.  I saw nothing impressive about the Spartan offense or defense - nothing that would have enabled this team to beat our Rainbows.

So what happened?

1) 4 players scored double figures. Savo, Burneika, and Martin each brought home 12, and English contributed 11.  That's 47 points right there.. This is usually a good thing.... However, it also meant nobody else was scoring (we only scored 53 total which leaves 6 big points by everyone else).
2) Our man Savo was kept out of the game for an inordinate amount of time in the first half.  Why?  I dunno, do you?  He played 30 minutes when he should have played at least 40.
3) 3 for 20 from 3 point land (our bread and butter the past few games - Guess the well went dry!)
4) 18 of 53 from 2 point land (Ho Boy, nuff said)

Defensively, we were okay.  Haim had 3 blocks and we "held" the Spartans to under 60 points.  Defense unfortunately counts for less on the road then it does at home.  When you pack your carry on folks, you gotta bring some extra offense with you.

Anyhow, I won't bore you about how the Bow's looked really good at the start of the game... Who cares?  We still lost, and it's the W's and L's that count.

Don't get me wrong - I still LOVE this team!  For all the rainy day fans out there, lighten up.  These Bows are top 25 in my book, and I am almost glad we got this loss out of our system.  The Bow's will regroup and refocus by the time they play Rice on the 24th, and I'll be watching them on KFVE prove that they are 'DA MEN' once again.  Plus, the team seems to do well against teams with animal names, don't you think?  Beware Owls, GO BOWS!