“The Tuxedo” – Buy, Rent, or Pass... I still can’t decide
Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt Team Up

“Smokin,” or more appropriately, “What were they smokin?”, The Tuxedo is a poorly written version of Jim Carrey’s “The Mask.” Should you buy a ticket to see it, or just rent the video? Well, it just matters where you’re coming from. I’ll give you good reasons for both.

The Scenario: 
Jackie Chan is Jimmy Tong, a wild Asian cabbie, who is recruited by a government agency to be the chauffer of their millionaire secret agent, Clark Devlin. Devlin is put out of commission by a car bomb and Tong tries on his prized tuxedo, only to find out that the tuxedo gives him super powers including Kung-Fu skills. Tong then assumes Devlin’s identity and teams up with Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character, to stop a plot to poison the world’s water supply with a bacteria that will turn us to ashes.

Why Rent?
Just from the scenario alone, you can tell that the plot is stupid. Don’t you know that if you poison the World’s water, eventually you’ll have no one else to boss around? Secondly, does Jackie Chan look like a Devlin? No one accused Hewitt of being a brain. No one will be getting and award for this screenplay.

It’s not all bad though. Jackie and Hewitt do have a cute rapport, but she’s too young to have any kind of sexual tension with Jackie. It’s more of a Goof-ball/Princess relationship. Still, it has its moments. Jackie Chan’s acting is comical, and his stunts are awesome as usual. The action and physical comedy alone is worth a gander, but for most it may not be reason enough to pay $7.50 for a ticket.

Why Buy?
For those who love action, you have to see Jackie on the big screen to fully appreciate him. The faces, the kicks, and the stunts really come to life in a theater. His acting ability is not fully appreciated because of his inability to speak English, but you have to respect his Buster Keaton-like ability to entertain us without words.

One main reason why guys may see "The Tuxedo" will be to see Jennifer Love Hewitt - larger than life on the big screen.  I know... she’s no Catherine Zeta-Jones, but I have the feeling that they put her in the movie for something other than her acting abilities..


The Bottom Line
Anyway, if you appreciate action, comedy, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, than get to the theaters and buy a ticket. If you don’t HAVE to see it on the big-screen, the movie is entertaining enough to recommend as a rental in the future… just don’t expect anything intellectually stimulating. 

Hawaii411 Rating Box -
The Tuxedo
2.0 Jackie's out of 5
"I ben beeg Asian Star in America for yeers... How come I no speakee good English yet?

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