Who would have ever thought the following would happen this Thanksgiving Day Weekend?

1. Colorado would beat Nebraska
2. Oklahoma St. would beat Oklahoma
3. Penn St. would beat Michigan St.
4. Miami would pummel Washington (okay, we expected this one from the lame Huskies)
5. Air Force would rush for 545 yards against the Warriors
6. Hawaii would win after giving up 545 rushing yards.

On a night where Hawaii showed why they are sponsored by Hawaiian Air (you can send advertising bucks to Hawaii411), Hawaii's performance could be described as: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good - The Warrior offense rang up 52 points and 505 passing yards.  'Nuff Said.

The Bad
- The Warrior Defense gave up over 600 yards of total offense for the second week in a row.  Before you jump all over my case for slamming the defense, let's consider the following: the defense is playing without two starters and lost three (Matt Wright, Travis Laboy, and Nate Jackson) early on; the remaining players are walking wounded with multiple shoulder injuries and such; they only gave up 30 points (6 of which came in garbage time); the Warrior Defense came up with four turnovers.  On paper it may have been bad, but when you see the guts this defense shows, I'll take bad any day.  Oh yeah, Nate Jackson - he's just BAD!

The Ugly
- Nick Rolovich, Chad Owens, and Ashey Lelie.    Rolo's line of 30 of 46 for 505 yards with five TD'd and NO interceptions - UGLY!  Chad "catch me if you can" Owens returns the first kickoff return for touchdown since Matthew Harding in 1992 (Sorry Advertiser, it was NOT Darrick Branch) for an NCAA tying 100 plus yards -UGLY!  Ashley Lelie catches nine passes for 285 yards (for all you geeks out there that comes out to 31.6666... yards per catch) and three touchdowns.  Lelie broke Dwight Carter's single game and season yardage records, and Walter Murray's career receptions and career yardage records.  Hide the children Mama, 'cuz he is so UGLY it's scary!

Yes, Warrior fans, we have been winning ugly, but then again, rival coach Lavell Edwards of BYU said after a 10-3 win over Hawaii in 1986, "No win is ugly."  By the way, someone call Coach Edwards, and thank him for that quote.  Oh, the thank you isn't from me, it's from June Jones and the Warriors, because on December 8 at Aloha Stadium, in front of 50,000 screaming fans, on national T.V., with and undefeated season on the line, it is going to be UGLY!

Our Da Man Award this week? 

Do you remember when Walter Murray dropped the game-winning touchdown pass against undefeated BYU in 1984?  Do you remember when Murray popped up into Kurt Gouveia's face after being knocked to the ground, only to be booed by the Hawaii Fans?  Do you remember how Hawaii's last "All-American" wide receiver held out his rookie season with the Washington Redskins, only to come back as a scab in the NFL?  Now you can forget him, because of Ashley Lelie.  For wiping Murray from the record books, Ashley Lelie is Hawaii411's "Da Man."  Does Walter Murray go from the top of the record books to the top of Hawaii's Hall-of-shame?  No, that distinction goes to Raphel Cherry!