UH Beats BYU – By the Numbers:

Words cannot express the joy I felt, viewing my first in-person victory over UH (I was three years old in 1974, and in Oregon in 1989, 1990, and 1992). Instead of bogging you down with yet another wordy review, let’s run this victory down by the numbers: (pictures courtesy of yahoo!)

0 – The number of points allowed by the UH defense in the second quarter, thanks to a goal line fumble cause by Pisa Tinoisamoa

1 – 1 and 0, more-so, the record of June Jones led teams over BYU (can we make it 2-0 next September)

2 – The number of subluxations (separations) to Jacob Espiau’s shoulder during the game

3 – NCAA records that Freshman Chad Owens set or tied (total return yards - 342, total kickoff return yards – 249, and combined returns for touchdown 2)

4 – Receptions by Tafiti Uso, who came home for his senior year, and score two touchdowns in his final game

5 – Hours spent watching the Warriors on the field (including the senior walk)

6 – Excessive Celebration penalties assessed after Warrior touchdowns which gave Justin Ayat a little more kicking practice, as he missed not-a-one from the added distance

7 – Sacks by the University of Hawaii Defense, making the Cougars use three quarterbacks during the game

8 – Touchdowns thrown for by Nick Rolovich

9 – Turnovers by BYU, including 8 fumbles

10 – Victories UH would have had if the Bowl Games had half a brain.

11 – Catches by Channon Harris for 145 yards and three touchdowns

12 – Victories by BYU, and no more for the regular season

17 – Yards traveled by Craig Stuzmann’s punt into the stands. You gotta love him!

19 – Touchdowns on the season for Ashley Lelie – yet another UH record

20 – or-so minutes spent in line to get into the stadium, due to the inane security checks by the “No Aloha” Stadium gate attendants. The next thing you know, they’ll test the lines on the field for anthrax

21 – Seniors who gave their all for the Warriors 

26 – Ranking of UH in the AP Poll

27 – Ranking of UH in the USA Today/ESPN poll

42 – the IQ of the BYU male-cheerleader who kicked and punched Tinoisamoa on the sidelines - if you want a piece, put on the pads! (if it were a female cheerleader who did this they would get a score of uku-billion on the guts scale)

43 – the IQ of the BCS dorks who put Nebraska in the title game (slightly more than the cheerleader)

44 – the COLLECTIVE IQ of all the Bowl Selection committees who snubbed UH (They just beat out the cheerleader and the BCS)

41 – the IQ of Fritz Rolfing, who took the Aloha and Oahu Bowls out of Hawaii (okay this may be harsh, but who cares – right now this ranks lower than the cheerleader)

74 – Yards to Glory in the first of Chad Owens’ returns for touchdown

102 – Yards to the Record Books, in Owens’ second dash to the end zone

216 – Dollars that ticket stub is worth in AT&T’s “Run Up the Score” promotion giving $3 credit for every point scored by UH (somebody’s already regretting setting up that promotion... see him in the unemployment line)

543- Passing yards by Nick Rolovich, setting a UH single game record in his final game

46,958 – Witnesses to the slaughter

5,000,000 – or more dollars lost by BYU by losing to UH and making their impending lawsuit against the BCS a moot point

The list could go on and on, but then we wouldn't have room for our Hawaii411.com “Da Man” Award

Chad Owens has the records and doesn’t need that award, Rolo is going to the Hula Bowl, Lelie, is probably going to the NFL (although I hope he doesn’t), and Stutz got ejected (although it was the best ejection ever), so we’ll give this weeks award to some other people this week. In fact, we have multiple winners this week:

Tafiti Uso - for showing local boys that you can come home again. He sacrificed a full-ride scholarship at Stanford and a place on a bowl-bound team to play for the home crowd. Although on the second team and injured most of the season, he ending his career with a bang.
Pisa Tinoisamoa - for playing through a stress fracture in his leg. This almost ranks with Nate Jackson, and is good enough for an award with this writer.
Jacob Espiau – for having his shoulder op out twice, yet stay in the game and record a team high 13 tackles and bat away a sure touchdown pass in the end zone. We hope that some NFL team has a place for this former walk-on, and Hawaii411’s last “Da Man” award recipient of the 2001 season.