Face it... You're a couch potato voyeur.  And the Internet has just made it that much easier for you to satisfy your primal urges.

Wonder what the traffic looks like?  Ever want to see the beach without having to battle parking?  Too lazy to go to the aquarium?  Want to see a drug deal go down in Chinatown?  The Internet brings all of this (and more!) right into your home.  Big Brother?  You said it, and it's only going to get worse.  Web Cams Web Cams Everywhere!  There is no other place in the world that is more beautiful for these Internet Live Streaming Cameras to broadcast worldwide.

Welcome to the Most Comprehensive Hawaii Web Cam Directory.  Over the past few months I've checked on the web cam feeds available on the Internet for our great state of Hawaii.  Here is what I found.

Oahu Web Cams:

Check this site every morning before you go to work.  Depending on the traffic, you may just stay the heck home!  Shows traffic from Pearl City to Hawaii Kai.  H-3 users click on link below.  Also view Chinatown, Waikiki Beach, and Kuhio Beach, and the Duke Kahanamoku Statue.

H-3 Traffic Cams!

Parking Cams for Game Day at Aloha Stadium.

An awesome rotating/zooming live camera feed direct from Waikiki beach complete with Hawaiian Music.  Every web cam should be like this one.

A live motion webcam on the top of Cheeseburger in Paradise in Waikiki overlooking the beach.

Check out the Surf Cam before you skip out of work.

A Pearl Harbor Cam!

The UH Manoa Hamilton Library Live Web Cam... Tell your friends you'll meet em at the library, then check if they are there before you even leave the house!  (<--- Bad idea)

Now this is cool.  Why go to the Waikiki Aquarium when you can see it from your house?

The Monk Seal Cam... Um... Is this thing refreshing itself or does the monk seal really sleep for 24 hours a day?

The Coral Research Cam... Maybe this one should be a time lapse deal!

A view of the Ala Moana area courtesy of KITV 4

A view of Pearl City courtesy KITV 4

These camera views blow my mind! Awesome views of Waikiki, but fahgetaboutit in at night or low light.  Still, it's cool to view the craziness down in Waikiki at a safe distance.

Other Islands:
The view from Hilo Bay From the top of the Pacific Tsunami Museum

Wow, a live streaming view of Maui.

Lahaina Cam... Neat little view

Mauna Kea!

Haleakala Crater


Sheraton Kauai Resort Live Gazebo Cam

Other Interesting Sites:
Features really cool panoramic views from the top of Aloha Tower and from Pier 8 Honolulu Harbor.

Whoa... That should keep you busy for the next couple of days.  Web cams are quickly becoming more standard and easy to install and setup.  Pretty soon it'll seem like Orwell's 1984 in which Big Brother was watching everything people did.  In fact, it really seems that way now!

If you have a link to a hawaii webcam that we missed, please email it to info@hawaii411.com.  We would be glad to post any tasteful, interesting Hawaii based webcams you can dig up!